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In addition to my coaching programs, one of the ways I work to elevate and empower people is by first educating them. I learned about the toxins and harmful chemicals that were causing me to not live my best life. I suffered with migraines for decades. When I found out that harmful chemicals were the cause of this, I was impassioned to educate and lead others to sharing the message of safe, clean, and effective products. There are options, you just need to learn about them.
It is easier to educate and empower others when there are like-minded people working toward the same goal. That's what my Pure Haven family has provided. It not only provides safe products for every home, but a stream of residual income that has far exceeded my wildest dreams.
Working with me will give you the opportunity to earn more money while maintaining your own schedule with the flexibility that you need. Pure Haven is about being part of a positive community for positive change — a group of amazing women and men who are in the business of doing good. Our business is not just about selling a product line, it's about creating a lifestyle that leaves a lasting impact on the world. By learning, educating, sharing, growing, and achieving anything you put your mind to.
Our team philosophy is: learn. do. teach. repeat.
In addition to a earning a residual income, our Pure Haven ambassadors are nationally and locally recognized and rewarded generously for their achievements while also gaining invaluable friendships that last a lifetime. So many of my team members rave about their increased self-esteem, the comradery of the community and have seen both personal and professional growth, which are not something we get from many 9-5 jobs today.
When you become a member of my team, you are treated as an equal. The only difference between us is that I've got a little more information that will help you succeed in ways you never dreamed. I will be working closely with you, as a coach and mentor - willing to work as hard on your business as you will be working. I am relentless in ensuring that all of my team members succeed.
With my own proven methods of success as a Pure Haven consultant and the top leaders on my team, I can assure you that you will be receiving personal attention that is unparalleled throughout the organization. Each one of my team members gets the gift of my time and knowledge as a consistent leader within the organization.
I have been taught by the top sales leaders within the company and our record speaks for itself.
We have a customized team program that includes:
  • Weekly mentorship meetings
  • Monthly online virtual gatherings lead by Pure Haven Executives
  • Monthly trainings, both online and in person (where available)
  • Job shadowing
  • Tracking and accountability tools
  • Templates for your launch events 
  • A Customized Team Facebook forum that has educational materials at your fingertips for those who are go-getters that just want to get started.
Here with this team, you will not be a number on a goal board, you are a #changemaker #worldchanger who will understand that we are only better when we work together. #bettertogether

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