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Meet Toni Lynn Pakus

Trauma Coach & Non-Toxic Living Expert

I empower people to identify and eliminate the toxins in their life: mind, body, and spirit. Removing toxic people, relationships, thoughts, memories, and even products you use and food you eat every day, will drastically and positively change your life!

I've been on a journey of healing for many decades. Throughout my journey I have discovered that to heal from one's trauma history, one must first find her voice. One then must ensure that she is heard. Only when she is heard can she find healing.


In 2004, I began my toxic-free journey when I gave my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After a journey of self-reflection and healing, 2010 was the year I found my voice and my mission for #beheardbehealed was born: it was a hashtag before I knew what a hashtag was. In 2016, I learned about eliminating more than toxic people from my life, and toxic memories, and that's where this mission established the launching pad for where I find myself today. In the midst of these difficult times, there needs to be a place for people to collectively gather and find support and a renewed purpose.

Welcome to the BeHeard-BeHealed community! I look forward to joining you on your journey!


Why is Identifying Toxins Important?

It can help with


When we live with a toxic mindset, it shapes how we see the world and our role in it. We must take control of our thoughts and create a shift.

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When we live with a healthier mindset, we can establish healthier relationships


Removing toxins from our everyday life is just as important as improving our mindset and relationships.

Women's Health

Women are not only exposed to more toxic experiences and chemicals than men, but it is very important to consider why and how women are so much more susceptible to the harms of such issues.


Movement is imperative for a healthier lifestyle. It's not always about the type of movement as it is about being active.


Overcoming stress is pivotal in one's healing. Identifying triggers and stressors will increase the ability for not only the mind to heal, but the body and your overall well-being.


“You have helped me see my worth. You have helped me grow as a person spiritually. And by that, I mean you have taught me, not everything needs a reaction. You are my calming force.

— Lilly G.


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